Lighting Columns

The tapered lighting columns are manufactured in prestressed and/or reinforced concrete.

The columns are robust and blend in easily with the landscape in any intended location. The columns are produced in a variety of designs and heights and are prepared to accept a variety of luminaires. The solidity of its structure ensures durability of the column and its luminaire.

The columns can be finished in natural concrete or in a polished marble imitation with a variety of colours: grey, pink, green, white and yellow.

Column handling and installation follow common procedures, which means they can be directly implanted in the ground without the need for a special base or foundation.

The testing for the protection provided by the enclosure of the electrical equipment is carried out in accordance with the standards, namely:
  • IP 45 (EN 60529)
  • IK 10 (EN 62262)

Factory production is in conformity with the following standards and specifications:
Lighting Columns. Part 4: Requirements for reinforced and prestressed concrete lighting column.
Common rules for precast concrete products.
Concrete. Part 1: Specification, performance, production and conformity.
Polished, prestressed concrete columns-Characteristics and tests.
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