• 1923"Poteaux Cavan" established in Belgium

    Jean Baptiste Deffense and Pierre Van Caille sign a protocol on December 10, 1923 to produce precast concrete poles, and on March 14, 1924 the company "Poteaux Cavan" is incorporated in Anvers Belgium
  • 1924Brand expansion

    Cavan quickly expands across the country with several manufacturing units being set up.
  • 1928Production of the first poles in Portugal

    Invited by CRGE, (currently EDP), to manufacture poles, for Portugal, Jean Baptiste Deffense manufactures the first reinforced concrete poles in Portugal for an electrical grid in Sintra.
  • 1932Sociedade Portuguesa Cavan, SA is founded

    To accommodate the development of the country's electrical needs, Jean Baptiste Deffense opens a manufacturing unit in Póvoa de Sta Iria, near Lisbon, and on June 23, 1932 Sociedade Portuguesa Cavan, SA was founded.
  • 1938Technique of prestressing is applied to concrete lighting poles

    Use of prestressing in the production of concrete columns for street lighting.
  • 1940Cavan expands to Brasil

    Cavan expands to Brasil. In the 60’s and 70’s for the construction of the “Aterro de Flamengo” in Rio de Janeiro, Cavan supplied 120 ilumination columns. With a height of 45m above the ground, these columns, were the vision and design of Lota de Macedo Soares and the american lighting designer Richard Kelly
  • 1952/1975Expansion continues from Portugal into Mozambique, Angola and South Africa

    6 more factories are set up in Portugal, spreading out from north to south and Cavan expands to Mozambique (1957). Angola (1970) and South Africa (1991) exporting poles to countries as far away as Macau and Timor.
  • 1986Cavan represents Portugal in creating EU standards

    Representation of Portugal in the drafting of CEN Standards for concrete poles.
  • 1992Cavan wins Telecel (Vodafone) tender to install concrete poles and towers nationwide

    Cavan wins the contract to supply and erect poles and towers up to 54m throughout the entire country, launching the mobile phone operator Telecel (Vodafone).
  • 1994Qualification to manufacture and supply Spain with concrete poles

    Contracts with Spanish electrical companies to supply Cavan HV poles.
  • 1994Establishes world record for the highest telecommunications tower

    Design, manufacture and lifting of a tower of 74.50m total height, 70.50m above the ground. On June 25, 1994 a telecommunications tower was hoisted in one piece (a world record) weighing more than 100 tons, in the Serra de São Mamede, Portalegre, for TDP (Teledifusora of Portugal).
  • 2002Cavan celebrates 70 years of business

    Cavan celebrates 70 years of steady growth. Managed today by the direct descendants of its founder, Cavan is an international leader in the manufacture and design of concrete poles, exporting to the EU and Africa.
  • 2007Cavan celebrates 75 years

    Cavan celebrates 75 years with the automation of its manufacturing units
  • 2011Supply of utility poles for fiber optics

    Cavan begins supply of the first concrete poles for telecommunications.
  • 2012Cavan celebrates 80 years

    Cavan celebrates 80 years of existence